Here Comes Moore’s

Premium Irish Whiskey, Gin
& Cream Liqueur

Moore’s Glassware

Moore’s premium glassware range is available in our online shop now!

Each glass is handmade by the former craftsmen of the Waterford Crystal factories and completely unique with flecks of colours inspired by our Irish flora – the orange of the poppy, the green of the fern, the yellow of the buttercup and the violet of the bluebell are just some of the 7 colours used in this colourful collection.

Premium flavours from County Laois

Our Whiskey

The location where whiskey was distilled in Ireland was often a mystery, as was its precious recipe.

Moore’s Irish Whiskey offers generations of whiskey tradition in one bottle.

Our Gin

Irish gin is all about flavour. Inspiration comes from the local hedgerows and wild woods of Co. Laois.

Moore‘s Irish Gin stands out with its sweet freshness and high citrus flavour.

Our Cream Liqueur

Our cows eat a blend of Irish clover, wild flowers and grass to produce the rich milk for our finest Irish Whiskey & Cream.

Enjoy Moore‘s Cream Liqueur over ice or in your favourite dessert.