Our Heritage

County Laois in the heart of Ireland is one of the top food & drink destinations in the country. The lush green pastures and unique botanicals of the hedgerows and wild woods of our beautiful home county inspire the unique flavours of Moore’s Irish Whiskey, Gin and Cream Liqueur.
The family name ‘Moore’ looms large in the history of County Laois. The story of the O’Moores dates back to the plantation of Laois and Offaly in the 16th Century when the English attempted to take control of The Midlands. As part of their attempt, the Irish were forced to vacate the area in order for Englishmen to control their lands there.

Accounts of the O’Moores rebelling against the English have been written in various scriptures. They detail the lengths the famous clan of Laois went in their attempt to push the English from the O’Moore’s homeland. Mention of the famous name can still be seen around Laois, including street names, sports clubs and stadiums. So, in respect to our history and the prospect of our future, Moores was the most appropriate name for our Laois brand.

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