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Moore’s Irish Whiskey Sour

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You can’t beat a classic, and a whiskey sour is certainly a tried and tested favourite. Elevate yours with the blend of exotic fruits and sweetness found in our Moore’s Irish Whiskey. Ingredients: 2 parts Moore’s Irish Whiskey 1 part …

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Moore’s Apple Fizz

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Looking for a fizzy treat? This classic Apple Fizz cocktail hits the perfect balance when it comes to bitter and sweet. A perfect go-to for all year round. Ingredients:  4 parts Moore’s Irish Gin 1 part lemon juice Agave nectar, …

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The Magic Moore

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Not only delicious, but super fun too, the Magic Moore is a must at your next gathering. Let your taste buds tingle as you experience the beauty of our smooth Irish Cream Liqueur paired with the sensational, sizzle of popping …

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The French 75

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The citrus botanicals in our Moore’s Irish adds an extra element of freshness to the classic French 75 cocktail. Light and refreshing, this is the perfect cocktail to serve at your next party or to sip on a summer’s evening …

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Moore’s Watermelon Gin Cocktail

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An effortless summer drink that is the ultimate refresher. Just as good as a mocktail, but the citrus flavour of Moore’s Irish gin adds an extra element of freshness. This one is a must-try. Ingredients:            …

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Moore’s Irish Cream Liqueur Mudslide Shots

230 X 200 Mudslide

These mudslides are deliciously sweet. Moore’s Irish Cream Liqueur, Moore’s Irish Whiskey and coffee liqueur will give a good kick through the richness of the cream. Ingredients 1 part Moore’s Irish Whiskey 1 part Moore’s Irish Cream Liqueur 1 part …

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Moore’s Irish Gin and Peach Crumble

Crumble 230 X 200

Finally, a perfect ‘for one’ recipe. I reused an old camembert oven dish for this, they look the part and are a perfect size for a dessert. Multiply the recipe for each extra person added.   Ingredients Filling 125g Tinned …

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