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Moore’s Irish Cream Liqueur Mudslide Shots

230 x 200 mudslide

These mudslides are deliciously sweet. Moore’s Irish Cream Liqueur, Moore’s Irish Whiskey and coffee liqueur will give a good kick through the richness of the cream. Ingredients 1 part Moore’s Irish Whiskey 1 part Moore’s Irish Cream Liqueur 1 part …

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Moore’s Irish Gin and Peach Crumble

crumble 230 x 200

Finally, a perfect ‘for one’ recipe. I reused an old camembert oven dish for this, they look the part and are a perfect size for a dessert. Multiply the recipe for each extra person added.   Ingredients Filling 125g Tinned …

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Moore’s Orange Whiskey Bars

230 x 200 bars

These orange bars are a great way of using up some of your Moore’s Whiskey Marmalade (see other post). With a shortbread crust and a creamy citrusy filling, these are absolutely irresistible.     Ingredients Shortbread 300g Butter at room …

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Moore’s Irish Whiskey Marmalade

230 x 200 marmalade

This recipe has gone down exceptionally well with family and friends. Be generous with your Moore’s Irish Whiskey – an extra tablespoon on top of the poured jars gives a fantastic aroma when you open the jars. This recipe makes …

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Moore’s Hedgerow Gin Cocktail

Moore's Hedgerow Gin Cocktail

The flavour of our gin is inspired by the life and freshness found in our Laois hedgerows. This cocktail is taking it one step further, including our own blackberries. A perfect excuse for a nature walk … Ingredients 2 parts …

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